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  NAM TÂN UYÊN INDUSTRIAL PARK English | Vietnamese  

Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Park together with the Industries – Services – Downtown Conjunction of Bình Dương Province will be merged into a big Socio-Economic Center of Bình Dương Province and the mained pointed dynamic economic area of Viet Nam as well.

The distance and time for traveling from Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Park to :

  Distance Traveling time
Ho Chi Minh Center 30 km 50 min
Sai Gon New Port 28 km 45 min
Sai Gon Port 31 km 55 min
Tan Son Nhat Air-port 30 km 40 min
Song Than International Container Land Depot 14 km 15 min
Center of Binh Duong Province 10 km 15 min
Thanh Phuoc River Container Port 05 km 10 min
Center of Dong Nai Province 22 km 30 min

This unique location is chosen to provide the industries locating in Nam Tan Uyen Park with the best services such as low cost of labour, a favourable price for infrastructure construction and the opportunity to conveniently tap either into Ho Chi Minh City's market, talent pool and amenities or access to a global network via some major river ports and the Tan Son Nhat International airport, Song Than Rail Way Station, the Trans-Asia Rail Road, the North-South Rail way line of Vietnam, Nation highway No.1, & No.13 etc.

Public bus routes: Ho Chi Minh - Center of Binh Duong Province - Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Park with subsidized fare adaptable & convenient to employees.

Low cost housing adjacent to the industrial Park to provide accommodation for workers (even in the time of waiting for receiving a job) that makes more convenient & easy for investors with the labour recruitment, management & transportation.

Hamlet 4, Khanh Binh Commune, Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam
Tel : 84-650-652330   Fax :84-650-652325/652327   Email: namtanuyen@vnn.vn; kinhdoanh@namtanuyen.com.vn